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St. Edmund's Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
St. Edmund's School

St. Edmund's School
Malviya Nagar

Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School

Smart Class

The classroom of the future.

“We don’t call ourselves hi-tech for nothing!”
We were the first school in the state of Rajasthan to adopt an entirely new system of education and thus became the pioneers in E-education. Five years later, we have taken another step forward by adopting the digital teaching system (DTS) SMRT class technology.
In the DTS, LCDs have been replaced by touch screen SMRT boards. With the remote control, teachers can now control and manage animations and other teaching material from anywhere inside the classroom. DTS endorses shadow-free projection of the digital content. It also features a sophisticated camera that can be used to project real object images on the screen such as seeds, leaves slides etc…
The classroom is all set to dive into the future! Here is how your child is going be taught at Edmund’s. Glance into the future!