Our Shining Stars In The World Of Sports


From district level to Nationals, Edmundites have left their footprints everywhere! Have a look at our shining stars in the world of sports. You can tag your friends and spread the word of their success!

PS: At the Neerja Modi sports meet, we participated in three categories and won gold in all three!






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Young Thinker Competition


“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” - Albert Einstein Today, when mankind is going through serious energy crisis and we are falling short of the conventional sources that can be inherited by future generations to come, the new generation showed their concern and witty brains in the “Young Thinker Competition” organized by the Science Club of St. Edmunds, Malviya nagar on 20th August, 2015 on the occasion of “Indian Akshay Urja day”. Raising new possibilities for solving the problem of energy crisis, students were invited with their ideas to create energy from things that were not discovered yet. They had to present their ideas of creating energy in the form of some hypothesis or design of gadgets that would come in their patent list tomorrow, on a paper. The response was tremendous. Students came up with extraordinary ideas such as creating electricity from sleep waves and aurora borealis by Gaurav Tiwari (VIII), creating energy from warm air by Priyansh (VIII),Electro Lightening conductors that creates electricity from lightening brought by Shambhavi Singh(X),Bluetooth Power Transfer and Manvendra’s Theory of Normality that says whenever anything is brought to a new environment it behaves differently ,brought by Manvendra Singh(X) and Bike Magnetic Motor by Chintan Grover (VIII). Walt Disney said we should keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because if we're curious then curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Keeping to these beautiful words our students and their curiosity have broken all the paradigms giving ideas to scientists of today, of the ways by which we can make a better world. The “Young Thinker Competition” has definitely proved that tomorrow’s world is going to witness some really great innovators, ready to make our earth a heaven to live.

Juhi Tiwari (Joint Secretary, science club, St Edmunds Malviya nagar) From Left to Right: Juhi Tiwari (XII Science), Manvendra Singh (Std. X), Priyansh Tripathi (VIII) ,Gaurav Tiwari (Std. VIII), Chintan Grover (VIII) Yogankshee Sharma (Std VII), Shambhavi Singh (Std. X), Aman Jain (XII Science).





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Painting Competition

Charu (Std. IX) made her mark at Neerja Modi interschool painting competition by bagging the first prize.

Vidipta (XI Science) , Pragati (XI Commerce) and Shaurya (XI Science) made their presence felt at the quiz competition as they won the third prize.

Congratulations girls !



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The Project, The War

 Members of "The Project, War Against Rape" initiative, the visitors did a fantastic job of spreading awareness about the various causes, effects and preventions of sexual harassment. They also initiated interesting discussions amongst the students and gave an international perspective to this major national issue.

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Zee Jaipur Literature Festival- Outreach Program


What a fantastic day it was!! The best ever storytelling experience courtesy Cat Weatherill – Author& Storyteller ( http://www.catweatherill.co.uk/). Cat stood out completely during her session with the IV-V std students and oh was listening to her story better than watching a movie or what..!! The kids had an unprecedented experience, excited and engrossed to the hilt!


It looks like after this session the book sales of jaipur bookstores is going to climb like anything!


Thank you #ZeeJaipurLiteratureFestival for giving our kids this opportunity to interact with this amazing panelist of yours. Thank you Cat for the incredible experience, we wish you all the success in life.

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Parent-Teacher meet: FA III & Half yearly Examinations '14


For a child to grow and develop into a successful person, it is important that the parents and the teachers, both understand his/her capabilities and shortcomings. The partnership and communication between the parent and teacher plays a vital role in this development.


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The Investiture Ceremony- Appointment of new Leaders

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The investiture ceremony was held with great excitement & enthusiasm. A time to hand over the responsibilities & simultaneously a time to take over the responsibilities with a message as nothing is permanent & change is the rule of nature, a time to instill the feeling of democracy, cherish its ideals & to understand rights & duties go hand in hand.

The newly elected leaders were administered the oath of office & bestowed badges. The ceremony concluded with a message by Administrator Mrs. Manjula Singh by wishing good luck to the new office bearers & an urge that the new leaders will work sincerely & discharge their responsibilities entrusted upon them in the academic session 2014 – 2015.

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PM's visit to Japan Student Personality Development Plan 2014-15

vjWith PM’s attempt to reach out to millions of children across the nation on 5th of Sept. 2014, Edmund’s played its part to make sure that each and every Edmundite saw what he had to say. Shri Narendra Modi without a doubt is one of the most influential people in the present scenario.

We believe that it is important for the future leaders of the nation to follow his footsteps and take lessons. As a part of the Student Personality Development Plan 2014-15 (SPDP) we planned an activity for the students to monitor the activities of the PMO. We started with handing them the task of covering Prime Minister’s first major foreign visit, to Japan and the results were fantastic! Not only did they cover all major issues but they also highlighted interesting facts and figures. The creativity in their project design was astounding.

This was one of our numerous attempts to create an environment that is conducive to proliferate knowledge and make better and smart citizens. Here at Edmunds we believe that there is always a room for improvement hence we try to get better with every sunrise.

Have a look at some of the brilliant projects submitted by the students. Please chip in with your valuable comments as your encouragement is the fuel that will keep these young engines running!


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