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(a) I am from Commerce stream, what if I am unable to crack CPT/CA Exam. ? What next ?
(b) I opted Science Bio. I failed to crack NEET. All doors seem to be shut for me. What do I do now ? Any ray of hope / any options left for me ?
To remove this big question mark from the turbulent times of youngster’s life a career counseling session was organized for classes XI, XII Science & Commerce Stream students on 1st November 2017.
The guest speaker on the occasion was Mr. Kapil Dixit from TIME Institute. He guided the students & made them aware about the choices available other than the traditional fields of engineering & medicine. He also said that one’s decisions are going to take him to a big step of life ahead, so one needs to take well informed long term decisions.
The future professionals were informed about the non- conventional courses, eligibility criteria, entrance exam. & institutes that offer those courses not only at the national level but abroad also. The guest speaker also suggested the students to believe in hard work as the youngsters of today want the short cut & success overnight at any cost. Giving examples of Sachin Tendulkar & Amitabh Bachchan he further said that one should focus on single field looking into the consideration the pros & cons & also one’s strengths & weaknesses. Always consider the famous adage “Jack of all trades but master of none.” before taking any decision.
The seminar came to a conclude with the vote of thanks presented by Academic Head – Mr. Dipen Singh. He took the note further by saying that tomorrow never comes. Success knocks at the doors of those who dream & wake up to make those dreams come true & not simply dreaming of tasting success. He further added that if one wants to play a successful innings, he has to keep trying, believe in perseverance & not to stop till the goal is achieved. He also reminded the students of hard work as success always comes when preparation meets the opportunity.
He ended his speech with the golden words “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
Write up by -- -

(a)Muskan A Chauhan - XI Science
 (b)Jasmine James - XII Science 
(c)Mimansa Dadheech - XI Commerce 
Photographer – Jalaj Kalra –XI Commerce

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St. Edmund’s Janhvi bags no. 2 spot in India.

Martial arts teach you to be brave and strong in the hardest of circumstances making you humble & victorious in the end. Janhvi Sogun won the silver medal in 45 Kg category at the CBSE Taekwondo Nationals held at DPS Kalinga, Orissa.Consequently, she holds 2nd rank all over India in her weight category in 2017. The class X topper ranked no.1 in India Last year and has also won the gold medal in the CBSE Clusters Taekwondo Tournament for the second year consecutively, becoming the numero uno in Rajasthan yet again. This is the first silver medal of her career, the rest are only golden! Head Mistress Mrs. Veena Ahuja gave away the medal & prize to the winner. Congratulating her she said that every girl should learn Martial Arts as it not only teaches us the art of self-defense but instills in us the confidence & feeling of self-reliance & self-sufficiency.

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Edmundites taste gold at an inter school competition

Edmundites taste gold at an inter school competition. The boys defeated St. Xavier's in Table tennis and Neerja Modi School in basketball.

Girls settle for silver against St. Xavier's in a nail biter. An injury marred team, Lost by just one point.


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"Knowledge is of no use if you don’t practice it & apply it in life.

” One can crack any Competition if his general knowledge & capacity of learning general awareness topics is sound & is smart enough to attempt the reasoning part accompanied with spontaneity .
To explore the world of General Knowledge the Inter House General Quiz was organized for the middle, secondary & senior secondary sections in the school on 8 July 2017.
The first group (std. VI, VII) had History, Geography, Gen. G.K. , Current Affairs & Visual rounds with questions set from the different disciplines & the latest happenings around the globe .
In the first group General House was the winner & Marshal & Admiral Houses at second & third positions respectively.
The contestants of second group (std. VIII, IX) had the questions set from History, Riddles, Current Affairs, Sportspersons, etc. In the second group President House won the first position with Admiral & Marshal Houses following it for second & third positions respectively.
The third group (std. X, XI) faced the challenge of current affairs from GST to literature, noble prize, etc. The mixed bag round consisted of visual questions accompanied with general awareness questions. The rapid fire round proved to be decisive one with Marshal House as the winning team & Admiral & President Houses as first & second runner up .
The competition came to a conclude with a short speech by the judges – Dr. Neha Singh –Vice Principal of the school, Mr. Dipen Singh –Academic Head. They congratulated the Winning teams & viewed that winning & losing is a part of game, what matters is the learning.
One can keep learning throughout his life provided he has a thirst for knowledge, mind & eyes open to grasp what comes before him .
G.K. has become a very important subject for any competition & such Inter House Competitions give the students a platform & a track as how to proceed further step by step to master the various disciplines of General awareness which has very vast dimensions .
Photographers –
Group 1- Samyak Jain X A 2
Group 2- Dhruv Pareek IX A 3
Group 3- Jalaj Kalra XI COM.
Write Up
Group 1- Noyonika Chatterjee X A 1
Group 2- Tanisha Gupta IX A 2
Group 3- Mimansa Dadheech XI COM.



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Creating Global Citizens capable of solving the problems that our world faces today

St. Edmund’s Malviya Nagar, one of the oldest CBSE affiliated schools in Jaipur reached yet another milestone in its very popular Global Exposure Program. After becoming the top 10 schools in India and the only one in Rajasthan to be selected by British Councilfor it’s first ever teachers visit, St. Edmund’s stepped into the second leg of its exchange program with its prestigious sister school from Denmark.

20 Danish students lived with their Indian buddies and experienced Indian culture and hospitality. Along with this, they worked on various exclusively designed hands on projects based on an array of subjects like science fiction, skill development, English,  photography etc...

This program has proven to be a huge boost to the confidence of the students. In his interview, the Director Dr. Anoop Singh proudly said that “in today’s day and age when the world is literally in our palms, it is important to create Global citizens, who are
capable of solving the problems that our world faces today”.



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St. Edmund's School, Malviya NagarJaipur | 08 March 2017

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Chapter II: The English Partners: Lincoln UTC

Unless you try to do something beyond you have mastered, you will never grow. Having this thought in mind, the school authorities came up with the idea of “Global Exposure program”.

 A second step in this journey was taken when Mr. Ross Little and Mrs. Victoria Weaver, from the Lincoln UTC visited our school.

After a warm welcome and introduction to the school, their next stop was at the inter-disciplinary class between Science and English. The students gave some marvellous presentations, one being about Britain while the other being about the Human Brain. They also performed some humorous yet informative acts regarding the working of the brain and the science teacher later explained about these processes in detail.

Students were very curious to know more about the guests and their school and therefore asked them various questions regarding the same.

The guests were elated with the efforts that the children had put in and ended the session with some inspiring words for the students. 
Truly agree to the fact that the teachers and students did a remarkable job. 
We look forward to having more of such splendid experiences in the future.



"Learning is a treasure that will follow it's owner everywhere." The more we learn, the more we realize, the less we know."He, who is afraid of asking, is afraid of learning." The sensation of hunger and thirst within you should be as such that nothing except knowledge may fulfill it.

Post the classroom session, students of class X got a prodigious opportunity to ask questions from Mr. Ross Little and Mrs. Victoria, the teachers from our sister school, Lincoln UTC, England. Our students were bubbling with enthusiasm to hear the answers. Some of them asked general questions while others asked the technical ones.

Mr. Ross teaches Business Studies and Geography whereas Mrs. Victoria teaches students with special needs. In our school, the duration of a period is generally 35 minutes. To the contrary, it is one hour in Lincoln UTC. 
The naughty ones are often isolated and given additional work after school. Students are given points for their academic performance every month which is added up by the end of the year. On the basis of the score they obtain, they get prizes like the Kindle e-reader. There is no uniform as such unlike other English schools. Formals are worn. Students get the benefit of work environment which is fruitful for their future. They get to do internship which helps them to get a clear idea whether they are fit to do that specific job. 
In conclusion, it was a healthy and an amiable interaction. I would like to end this article with a quote,"Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great."


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We are extremely excited to welcome delegates from our sister school, Lincoln UTC, England on the 28th of November 2016. With immense pleasure and pride, let me tell you all that St. Edmund's Malviya Nagar is one of the TEN schools in India to be chosen by the British Council for their very first partnership grant program in India! With the joint efforts of our esteemed sister school, Lincoln UTC, our partnership has managed to get a grant from the British Council for a teachers visit. This visit is going to be all about exchange of ideas and understanding each other's pedagogical approaches. Getting informed about the differences and similarities in the education systems of the two countries.
Our students are going to be the biggest beneficiaries of the visit. We will be working in tandem with our English partners to incorporate and develop cardinal core skills in our students such as CREATIVE THINKING AND IMAGINATION & COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION. This visit is surely going to be another step in our journey to create Global Citizens who are well equipped for 21st century skills.
Thank you for sparing your time to read the above lines. We look forward to your support and encouragement.

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