Independence Day Celebrations

"Nothing is more precious than independence & liberty."
The 71st Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm, feeling of patriotism & firm determination to do something for the Motherland.
The day marked the flag hoisting followed by a short cultural programme comprising of English & Hindi poems which infused the feeling of pride & patriotism for the country with a promise to break the shackles of regionalism, communalism, & narrow domestic walls of selfishness. The song & dance performances gave the message of unity, brotherhood by arraying the rich, colourful cultural heritage. The English & Hindi speeches highlighted the cornerstones of mankind i.e. self awareness, creative imagination, roots of responsibility which develop into the wings of independence.
The programme came to a conclude with a short speech by Director – Dr.Anoop Singh. He highlighted the significance of liberty & independence by comparing a mother with the motherland – where we are born, which gives us a lot & ultimately seeks a promise from all of us to safeguard her borders from external threats & internal disturbances. He also urged that we all should try to understand the true meaning of diversity which showcases the art of thinking independently together. Quoting the example of Lal Bahadur Shastri he urged the children to be a person of firm determination, dedication &a disciplined being & that the youngsters should follow the quote "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."




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Photographer- MahinChandwani –IXA2
Write up – Meghna Chakravarty –XA3

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