St. Edmund's Commerce Club Inaugurated

As Thomas Gray said "Commerce changes the fate and genius of nations", Edmundites aim to take this idea an extra step ahead.

Students of XI and XII Commerce inaugurated the Commerce Club to promote the field. Commerce is everywhere around us. Even the best of the Scientific ideas are incomplete sans commerce.

The club will conduct various activities to spread awareness about finance, economics, accounts and business.

The future of our country will be decided by entrepreneurs of tomorrow. These entrepreneurs will be created today.

We thank our ever so gracious chief guest, Mr.Paresh Gupta for sparing time from his busy schedule and gracing the occasion with his vibrant and colourful presence.

Article by : Pragati Mot
Senior Editor, Press and Photography Club

Photo Credits: Harshit Lalwani
Senior Photographer, Press and Photography Club


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St. Edmund's launches school mobile app.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. Benjamin Franklin is right on spot with his words here.

We, at Edmund’s strive for perpetual growth and look to fill up that room for improvement 24*7. With India emerging as an IT superpower it is essential and indispensable that our kids are tech friendly and comfortable in this technological and computerized environment.

In 2005 we were the first school in Rajasthan to adopt the smart class technology for our primary, middle and senior school. In 2010 (or whatever year) we changed with time and brought the touch screen projectors to the classroom, which completely transformed classroom teaching. Our 3D lab has become a vital tool that has been helping our students in building their conceptual castles.

And we are not stopping here. In this day and age when the world sits in our palms, it has become imperative that we flow with the wind. Today, I feel privileged and proud to present to you all, The St. Edmund’s Mobile application. Once again, we are the pioneers in the state of Rajasthan to have a personalized and dedicated school mobile app. This App finds its relevance in the wake of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “Digital India”. Let us assure you this app is just fantastic and it will completely transform the way we communicate; it will remodel our method of sharing information: it will be flawless, quick and as easy as it can get. It is eco-friendly and is an initiative in response to the drive of saving Trees.



Our aim is to make sure that our children make a mark in the society. Our aim is to make sure that our children become leaders. Our aim is to make sure that our children innovate and change the world and we have no doubt that we will succeed in this endeavour of ours because we believe that “It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen”

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Meet our little wonders from grade I

Grooming starts early at Edmund's. It is important that children develop public speaking skills in order to gain advantage over their counterparts.

In this globalised environment the importance of English is immense but it is also important that we stay connected to our roots. Keeping this in mind, every Thursday, our morning assembly is dedicated to Hindi. Students read news, thought for the day and interesting information of the day in Hindi.
This Thursday, our grade I students recited a poem on the stage in front of the entire school. They shared the importance of time with us and suggested that we must realise that time is precious and the one who values it, is more likely to be successful.

Participating students:
Aisha Singhal - I A1
Dev Gupta - I A1
Akshat Rajwani - I A2
Aradhna Shukla - I A2
Mahima Badoliya - I A3
Lehar Aswani - I A3
Diya Arora - I A3




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Nursery kids celebrate Family day

For many adults, public speaking is a nightmare but for these kids it's like a walk in the park! At Edmund's, we focus on the personality growth of the kids from day one.
These 3 years old kids are a delight to senses. In this video they are celebrating family day, where each of them play a role of a family member. The father, the mother, the sister and the brother. They indeed are a happy family !
Participants names:
Soumil Arora (Father)
Aruhi (Mother)
Ridhi ( Sister)
Kavyansh Sharma (Brother)


Nursery kids celebrate Family day

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Their theme for the month i.e. Edmund's Cup!

This is VII A3 and their class board is based on their theme for the month i.e. Edmund's Cup!
It's heartening to see how beautifully they have connected sports to real life. As the board says:
The spirit of sports lives in us. It's not just how we play on the ground but also what we take from the ground. Sports offer us plethora of opportunities to learn ideas like sharing, respecting, working as a team and supporting others.
We congratulate the bright and talented students of grade VII A3 and their class teacher Mrs. Bharti Ramliyal Soni for a great effort.

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