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"Knowledge is of no use if you don’t practice it & apply it in life.

” One can crack any Competition if his general knowledge & capacity of learning general awareness topics is sound & is smart enough to attempt the reasoning part accompanied with spontaneity .
To explore the world of General Knowledge the Inter House General Quiz was organized for the middle, secondary & senior secondary sections in the school on 8 July 2017.
The first group (std. VI, VII) had History, Geography, Gen. G.K. , Current Affairs & Visual rounds with questions set from the different disciplines & the latest happenings around the globe .
In the first group General House was the winner & Marshal & Admiral Houses at second & third positions respectively.
The contestants of second group (std. VIII, IX) had the questions set from History, Riddles, Current Affairs, Sportspersons, etc. In the second group President House won the first position with Admiral & Marshal Houses following it for second & third positions respectively.
The third group (std. X, XI) faced the challenge of current affairs from GST to literature, noble prize, etc. The mixed bag round consisted of visual questions accompanied with general awareness questions. The rapid fire round proved to be decisive one with Marshal House as the winning team & Admiral & President Houses as first & second runner up .
The competition came to a conclude with a short speech by the judges – Dr. Neha Singh –Vice Principal of the school, Mr. Dipen Singh –Academic Head. They congratulated the Winning teams & viewed that winning & losing is a part of game, what matters is the learning.
One can keep learning throughout his life provided he has a thirst for knowledge, mind & eyes open to grasp what comes before him .
G.K. has become a very important subject for any competition & such Inter House Competitions give the students a platform & a track as how to proceed further step by step to master the various disciplines of General awareness which has very vast dimensions .
Photographers –
Group 1- Samyak Jain X A 2
Group 2- Dhruv Pareek IX A 3
Group 3- Jalaj Kalra XI COM.
Write Up
Group 1- Noyonika Chatterjee X A 1
Group 2- Tanisha Gupta IX A 2
Group 3- Mimansa Dadheech XI COM.



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