(a) I am from Commerce stream, what if I am unable to crack CPT/CA Exam. ? What next ?
(b) I opted Science Bio. I failed to crack NEET. All doors seem to be shut for me. What do I do now ? Any ray of hope / any options left for me ?
To remove this big question mark from the turbulent times of youngster’s life a career counseling session was organized for classes XI, XII Science & Commerce Stream students on 1st November 2017.
The guest speaker on the occasion was Mr. Kapil Dixit from TIME Institute. He guided the students & made them aware about the choices available other than the traditional fields of engineering & medicine. He also said that one’s decisions are going to take him to a big step of life ahead, so one needs to take well informed long term decisions.
The future professionals were informed about the non- conventional courses, eligibility criteria, entrance exam. & institutes that offer those courses not only at the national level but abroad also. The guest speaker also suggested the students to believe in hard work as the youngsters of today want the short cut & success overnight at any cost. Giving examples of Sachin Tendulkar & Amitabh Bachchan he further said that one should focus on single field looking into the consideration the pros & cons & also one’s strengths & weaknesses. Always consider the famous adage “Jack of all trades but master of none.” before taking any decision.
The seminar came to a conclude with the vote of thanks presented by Academic Head – Mr. Dipen Singh. He took the note further by saying that tomorrow never comes. Success knocks at the doors of those who dream & wake up to make those dreams come true & not simply dreaming of tasting success. He further added that if one wants to play a successful innings, he has to keep trying, believe in perseverance & not to stop till the goal is achieved. He also reminded the students of hard work as success always comes when preparation meets the opportunity.
He ended his speech with the golden words “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
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(a)Muskan A Chauhan - XI Science
 (b)Jasmine James - XII Science 
(c)Mimansa Dadheech - XI Commerce 
Photographer – Jalaj Kalra –XI Commerce