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After a great response from the school, with collections (wheat, rice, pulses) soaring over 1500 kgs, ‪‎Science Club‬‬ had a major responsibility to make sure that the food is delivered at the right place to the right people.
So, it was decided that about one third of the total collection (~500 kgs) will be donated to The Mother Teresa Home, C scheme, Jaipur.
Students were able to see and realise that how fortunate we are that we do not have to bother about the basic needs in life. It not only teaches us to be sympathetic towards others but also shows us the path that leads to becoming a person who cares and shares with the people around him.
It was a heart melting experience for everyone. We may not have done a lot for them but we did something that will create men and women of tomorrow who are unselfish and have a heart big enough to accommodate the needy.
The remaining collection will soon be donated to other organisations.