Meet our little wonders from grade I

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Grooming starts early at Edmund's. It is important that children develop public speaking skills in order to gain advantage over their counterparts.

In this globalised environment the importance of English is immense but it is also important that we stay connected to our roots. Keeping this in mind, every Thursday, our morning assembly is dedicated to Hindi. Students read news, thought for the day and interesting information of the day in Hindi.
This Thursday, our grade I students recited a poem on the stage in front of the entire school. They shared the importance of time with us and suggested that we must realise that time is precious and the one who values it, is more likely to be successful.

Participating students:
Aisha Singhal - I A1
Dev Gupta - I A1
Akshat Rajwani - I A2
Aradhna Shukla - I A2
Mahima Badoliya - I A3
Lehar Aswani - I A3
Diya Arora - I A3