Edmunds History

Rome was not built in a day. It’s never been an easy task establishing any institute. Edmund’s was established in the year 1986 in a small rental accommodation with a handful of children, 100 – 150 and merely 10 teachers who had to strive a lot. The Director’s struggle in setting up the school to where it stands today & Mrs. Manjula Singh, The Administrator who did not deter from teaching the youngsters during the struggling period has maintained the discipline which has an omnipresent reflection. The school’s academic performance has excelled with every passing year and constantly remained there at 94-95%.on individual basis. 

Sports are like the life blood of our students with achievements soaring sky high. Children have made it to the States and Nationals and we do take pride in it.

Today the school stands on very firm grounds, the very first Hi-Tech school (Raj. State), 1600 students handled from Play Group to Class XII propelled through almost every activity which is definitely possible due to its earnest and laborious staff of 165 ready on their toes for almost every responsibility. Charity begins at home hence we have started A Charitable Mobile Clinic benefactor to about 60-70,000 every year since 2007.

27 Glorious years 


we have witnessed and still looking ahead with the same fervor for many more successful years