In this age of information, knowledge is the superpower. TED is a platform where people from around the world share their ideas and spread knowledge. TEDxStEdmundsSchool is an endeavour by St. Edmund's School Malviya Nagar, Jaipur to connect people in order to create responsible individuals with intellectual mindset.








Dr. S Irfan Habib

Indian Historian of Science, author, public intellectual, scientist 




His Grace Patri Prabhu
 Retired Commando, Journalist, Professor of Psychology, Spiritual guru, International motivational speaker, mentor, mystic




Atiya Zaidi
Writer, editor, publisher, educationist, expert in English literature




Usanin Alexander Evgenievich


 Doctor of philosophy, writer, public figure, honorary member of UNESCO




Mohit Gaur
Singer, actor, youtuber, internet personality, reality show star




Sanket Upadhyay


Journalist, Television personality




Gaurav Gera


 Actor, comedian, youtuber, television personality




Hitesh Ramchandani


Inspirational Speaker, Author, Paralympic Athlete, NLP Practitioner